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  • Premier B2B solution provider for both online and brick-and-mortar operators
  • Cutting-edge technology and unparalleled content for the ultimate gaming experience
  • Exclusive offerings such as live shows and multiple table betting options
World Entertainment is One of the Casino Software Suppliers under GamingSoft's Vendor Database - GamingSoft
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World Entertainment - Live Casino

Founded in 2020, World Entertainment is a premier B2B solution provider offering an unparalleled array of services, ranging from branded casino decor to tailor-made game events and private live shows. The company's 12,000 square meter facility houses over 120 live gaming tables featuring 32 different gaming styles and types, catering to online and brick-and-mortar operators, public and private enterprises worldwide.
Through their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation, World Entertainment delivers unique and immersive gaming experiences, along with branding solutions, setting themselves apart from traditional market offerings. They are dedicated to helping casino operators dominate the future market with their revolutionary technology and unique gaming content. With just one click, operators can reach a global audience and tap into a universal market.

World Entertainment - Live Casino Software

World Entertainment from GamingSoft boasts a solid library of games with a strong visual identity. They feature an exquisite user interface, blended with immersive sound design and music to truly bring the player into the game. With their consistent release schedule and strong brand identity — you will definitely be at an advantage with World Entertainment on your games portfolio.


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Top Games


Step into the classic game lobby and experience a variety of themes, from the exotic orient to the far reaches of the galaxy and the intensity of the boxing ring. In Baccarat, you can choose from multiple betting options, including ‘Player’, ‘Banker’, ‘Tie’, ‘Player Pair’, ‘Banker Pair’, ‘Any Pair’, ‘Perfect Pair’, and ‘Super 6’. The winner is determined by the point value of the ‘Player's hand’ or ‘Banker's hand’ being equal to or closest to 9. Keep in mind, in Baccarat, suits don't matter. Tens and picture cards are worth zero, while Aces count as one, and the remaining cards have their corresponding values. The point value is calculated by summing up the card values and using only the last digit of the total.
Baccarat is a Live Casino Game Provided by the Vendor Partner World Entertainment - GamingSoft


Discover the excitement of roulette, where a variety of themes cater to your unique preferences. The wheel features 37 numbered pockets, including a green pocket numbered 0, with the remaining pockets numbered from 1 to 36, alternating between red and black. This exhilarating game allows players to bet on various areas, from single numbers to groups of numbers. If the ball lands on the same pocket as the player's bet, they win. With the flexibility to bet on one or multiple areas, popular options include 'Big/Small', 'Odd/Even', 'Red/Black', 0-36, 1-3 dozen, and 1-3 columns. The racetrack, or French bets, adds to the excitement by allowing players to bet on number series with special names like 'Tiers', 'Orphelins', and 'Voisins', which coincide with the main betting area.
Roulette is a Live Casino Game Provided by the Vendor Partner World Entertainment - GamingSoft

Dragon Tiger

Experience the simplicity and excitement of the classic casino game Dragon Tiger. With only 3 betting options available, the gameplay is fast-paced and easy to learn. To win, players must compare two cards and bet on which card will have a higher rank. Unlike other card games, the suits have no significance in Dragon Tiger. The game uses standard playing cards with 'Aces' counting as one, 'Jacks' counting as eleven, 'Queens' counting as twelve, and 'Kings' counting as thirteen. The remaining cards (2-10) count as their corresponding face value. Additionally, you can enjoy the normal or speed versions of Dragon Tiger, adding even more excitement to your gameplay.
Dragon Tiger is a Live Casino Game Provided by the Vendor Partner World Entertainment - GamingSoft

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Live Roulette is One of the Game Types that Available in our Online Casino Partner - GamingSoft Live Roulette
Live Baccarat is One of the Game Types that Available in our Online Casino Partner - GamingSoft Live Baccarat
Live Dragon Tiger is One of the Game Types that Available in our Online Casino Partner - GamingSoft Live Dragon Tiger

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