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Fishing Games
Fishing Games
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VG Entertainment - Fishing Games

VG God of Wealth Chess and Card Games is a subsidiary of VG Entertainment. Since its establishment in 2014, the company has always adhered to the principles of quality first, integrity and reliability, and win-win cooperation, committed to creating a fair, just, and exciting gaming environment for chess and card players.
VG Entertainment has independent R&D teams, each of which is composed of core members with decades of experience in the industry, including game planning, art design, technology development, online testing, and operational support. After years of focusing on designing chess and card games, VG Entertainment's R&D team has accumulated rich experience and has continuously launched multiple stable and profitable products, driving the company to new heights in the field.

VG Entertainment - Fishing Games Software

VG Entertainment - Fishing Games from GamingSoft boasts a solid library of games with a strong visual identity. They feature an exquisite user interface, blended with immersive sound design and music to truly bring the player into the game. With their consistent release schedule and strong brand identity — you will definitely be at an advantage with VG Entertainment on your games portfolio.


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Top Games

3D Fishing Joy

In the 3D Fishing Joy game, players can choose to participate from a total of 4 levels of games such as Normal Sea Area or Golden Sea Area on the homepage to start shooting fish and win rewards! Players can simply tap on the screen to fire or click on the plus and minus buttons on the sides of the cannon to switch the base value of the bullets. The game also supports players activating the "Auto" or "Lock" buttons, which correspond to the "automatic firing" or "firing bullets that only attack locked fish" functions respectively. Players can focus on shooting high-efficiency fish species here, such as whales, white dragons, and golden dragons to win higher rewards.
3D Fishing Joy is a Fishing Game Provided by the Vendor Partner VG Entertainment GamingSoft

Poseidon Fishing

Poseidon is a well-known sea god in Greek mythology who presides over natural elements such as the ocean, waves, and marine creatures. Now, in this game, players can enjoy an exciting underwater adventure with mythical elements in a shooting game. Players can prioritize attacking special fish species with higher efficiency, such as Lady Crab and Thunder Hammer Crab, to reap the highest rewards in the shortest time. When players attack and capture the Lady Crab, they can trigger the Big Lucky Roulette and have the opportunity to win up to 1,000 times the bet. On the other hand, defeating the Thunder Hammer Crab will trigger the special effect of "Thor’s Hammer," which can destroy all fish species on the screen by 2 to 20 times at once and settle with a bottom score of 10 times.
Poseidon Fishing is a Fishing Game Provided by the Vendor Partner VG Entertainment GamingSoft

Dragon Treasure

In Dragon Treasure, players can enjoy the fun of fishing games with multiple friends. In the game, players can activate the automatic firing function, simply tap the desired attacking direction to join the battle easily, or use the locking function to accurately bet on the bullets. If the target fish is killed or disappears, the target will be automatically switched. The appearance of special fish species such as “Full Screen Bomb”, “Ever-changing”, “Similar Bomb”, and “Energy Cannon” can increase players’ earnings and bring a fresh gaming experience.
Dragon Treasure is a Fishing Game Provided by the Vendor Partner VG Entertainment GamingSoft

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