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The EPL Kickoff Fiesta Organized by BTI Sportsbook - GamingSoft

How to Participate

  1. To take part in this promotion, operators must commit to displaying a promotional banner on their website for the duration of the promotional period.
  2. Event date: 12th September 2020 – 17th October 2020 (GMT+8)
  3. Promote BTI Sportsbook.
  4. Any additional funds/prizes offered to players by the operator will not be covered by GamingSoft.
  5. This event open to all operators and API clients.
  6. BTI EPL KickOff Fiesta promotional banner (across both Mobile & Desktop) should be displayed in prominent areas of the lobby/home banner for the duration of the promotion.
  7. Operator MUST contact/broadcast/approach and notify members to promote this event through appropriate means such as private message/ email/ notification/ SMS/ WeChat/ LINE or any other media communication tools.
  8. GamingSoft will provide all promotion materials regarding the tournament upon participation confirmation.
  9. GamingSoft will provide links to a public promotion page and leaderboard. Promo page guide will be sent out to be confirmed by operators on 8th September 2020 (Tuesday).
  10. Tournament promotion:
    Suggestion to display tournament banner on the main home page during the period of the tournament for player’s awareness.
    Promotion banner should be linked to the operator’s internal promo page or to the provided public promo page.
  11. Any internal promotion page should include a description, qualifying matches, schedule, prizes, and terms & conditions.
  12. We recommend the operators to send information about the tournament to existing players before the tournament starts.
  13. GamingSoft reserves the right to amend, suspend or cancel the promotion at any time./li>

How to Play (EPL KickOff Fiesta)

  1. The promotion starts on 12th September 2020 – 17th October 2020 (GMT+8).
  2. A player is automatically part of the promotion by betting in all EPL matches using their real money during tournament period.
  3. The tournament is based on highest accumulated winnings for all stakes in EPL matches.
  4. All player's winnings will be converted into CNY currency for the tournament ranking.
  5. Each player’s rank and score, as well as the Tournament leaderboard, is updated in daily basis.
  6. The winner list will be concluded by 20th October 2020.
  7. The prizes will be paid as cash during next billing settlement.
  8. During the Tournament, a player’s current status, top players, tournament progress, and prizes can be viewed on the Tournament page.
  9. The leaderboard page will display the active Tournament and historical results.
  10. GamingSoft reserves the right to change these terms and conditions at any time. Any such changes will be binding and effective immediately.
TOURNAMENT PRIZE (EPL KickOff Fiesta) Total : CNY 170,000 (~USD25,000)
1st Prize CNY 30,000 6th Prize CNY 10,000
2nd Prize CNY 25,000 7th Prize CNY 8,000
3rd Prize CNY 20,000 8th Prize CNY 6,000
4th Prize CNY 15,000 9th Prize CNY 4000
5th Prize CNY 12,000 10th Prize CNY 2,000
11th ~ 20th Prize CNY 1,000
21st ~ 30th Prize CNY 800
31st ~ 50th Prize CNY 500
51st ~ 75th Prize CNY 300
76th ~ 100th Prize CNY 100