GamingSoft’s Sportsbooks is a fully managed Sportsbooks that allows clients/operators to utilize the services of an experienced team of traders and risk management. What this means is that operators will have access to some of the best odds in the market, both Asian and European Odds, which they can then translate into profitable margins. Operators can ensure they get the best revenue margins such as sport, league, match, bet type, and so much more. Via GamingSoft’s Sportsbooks, clients/operators will have access to thousands of markets for over 90 types of sporting events (both pre-live and live) with over 10,000 live events per month. Just like all the other games listed under GamingSoft’s Suites, the Sportsbooks also employs the Cash Market Module (CMM).

Our Sportsbooks is available for integration for web, iOS, Android, and other major platforms. The available features of Sportsbooks are constantly being reviewed to make room for improvements to better meet the needs of both operators and players. Part of the Sportsbooks system GamingSoft offers is a results and statistical application that serves to enhance the overall sports betting experience of players. Our partnership with WinningFT ensures nothing but the best and most fulfilling online sports betting that will benefit both operators and customers alike.