LD Gaming and Landong Landing Casino (蓝盾娱乐场) both are a wholly owned division of Dok Gneokham (Group)., Ltd., a gaming service provider established in 2007 with registered capital of US$86 million, and its headquarter is situated on Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone (GT SEZ) in Laos. The group successfully marched into internet gaming industry in 2015 through the establishment of LD Gaming by virtue of its solid foundation and abundant resources in Special Economic Zone while retain competitive advantage of its onsite casino with an efficient and robust operating management system. LD Gaming is backed by the strength of Dok Gneokham Group. LD Gaming team is comprised of industry experts who have an extensive background in delivering a wide variety of gaming solutions. At present, LD Gaming is employing a staff of more than 500 gaming professionals from all over the world. LD Gaming has gained widespread recognition in gaming industry and increasing popularity amongst players based on its extensive development experience in gaming sector. LD Gaming has successfully launched its first API Gaming Platform on 9th September 2016. In the wake of gradually development in LD Gaming, known for being the one and only gaming supplier backed by an onsite casino in Golden Triangle Special Economic Zone (GT SEZ), Dok Gneokham Group is also the most powerful gaming manufacturer in Asian region that definitely will bring innovation in gaming market.