Our Casino Products

GamingSoft’s Suites currently have an excess of over 5,000 games listed. This impressive list of games were sourced through various suppliers and features a wide range of games that appeal to everyone. From this vast collection of games, each client is free to select any number of games to display on the website. Over time, games that perform poorly can be seamlessly disintegrated from the mix to be replaced with another promising game without causing any disruptions. This unique feature of GamingSoft’s solutions packages makes it possible for our clients to consistently update and introduce new content to their sites without having to experience any inconveniences while also incentivizing players by keeping things interesting and fresh for them. Additionally, clients can request anytime for other new content to be integrated into the platform.

Regardless of supplier, all of the accessible games under GamingSoft’s Suites employ the Cash Market Module (CMM) and clients have the flexibility of choosing how the wallet is displayed. The back office system of GamingSoft’s CMM is also an additional unique feature that makes it easy for clients to monitor and manage promotional marketing strategies that involve giveaways, tournaments, bonuses, etc.

To ensure clients have access to only the best selection of games available, GamingSoft has formed partnerships with reputable providers. In a nutshell, GamingSoft’s Suites system is a convenient and effective one-stop solutions center.