Live Casino

Live Casino

GamingSoft’s Live Casino solutions allow players to fully enjoy the authenticity of a real casino experience from anywhere and at any time during the day. GamingSoft has a wide range of live casino solutions successfully integrated to meet the needs and requirements of all clients. Various solutions are broadcast from all over the world, including physical brick-and-mortar casinos and purpose-made studios. As live casino solutions typically consume more resources both operationally and technically, the entry level costs associated with such solutions are generally in the upper ranges as compared with RNG casinos.

Depending on clients’ needs and requests, GamingSoft is able to integrate any 3rd party live casino solution that is available on the market. It can be integrated into our Cash Market Module (CMM) or as a standalone wallet. With our accumulated and continuously growing experience, GamingSoft is able to make excellent gauges of the market and combine that skill with its expertise in technology to provide the solutions that will fulfill needs and exceed expectations.

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